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Manzoor Ahmed July 31, 2017

Tips for Car Racing – Car racing is the passion of most of the teenagers and youngsters across India,But car racing on Indian roads is quite dangerous compared to other countries.The main reason car racing is dangerous for us is traffic,In India, there is too much traffic mainly consist of two wheeler and other commercial vehicles,People don’t follow the discipline of traffic rules so they’re inviting a higher risk of meeting with accidents.So here,I would  like to share some of the very important tips for the Car Racing.Following are the tips which can make the driving a safe and comfortable experience for all of us.


tips for car racing




At the beginning, One must know the basics of car driving and know about the functioning of car like Clutch,Gear,Accelerator,Break and Controlling system,it is mostly preferred to race with a new car as everything will be unused and in its best condition.The reason behind this is, the engine will be quite fresh and can give maximum displacement with full power which can be trusted,The condition is that, every part of the engine should function well and should not create any kind of problem and there should not be a risk of engine failure.These issues can be supervised by regular servicing of the vehicle.And one must know how to drive a car properly and must know how to control it,Wearing seat belts are mandatory for driving a car,Always make sure the racing car have air bags ,In case if accident occurs we’ll be safe from any kinds of fatal injuries, One must makes sure to check the proper functioning of tyres. They should be 100% fit for any type of road conditions.If the car is old car then make sure that the cartips for car racing is well maintained and should be in good condition.The old cars risks the rate of accidents because of its improper maintenance and high kilometer reading which ultimately makes the engine weak.And also one should prefer cars with new technology for car racing because the improved technologies are made accordingly keeping in mind about safety,Advancements like ABS and airbags decreases the risk of any fatality in accidents. Whenever an accident occurs,the research teams of the major car making companies tries to make a model more safe and more reliable for its users.So new technologies helps us to satisfy our adrenaline rush by securing our lives.


Road safety is the most important thing in India, because the roads in India are very narrow and traffic is very high for racing the car, it is not preferred  to race the car in city roads where the traffic flow is high especially at the peak hours where the people leaves from offices and schools.If someone wants to start the race make sure that it is at night,the flow of traffic is very less and they can have race in night tips for car racingif they know the condition of roads.The highways are the best places for racing,on highways the traffic flow is very less and there are tracks available for all the vehicles,and we can find the people following the track system on high ways, in city due to heavy traffic and narrow roads people don’t follow the traffic rules or track system that may increase the risk of road mishaps.try to avoid racing in rainy season,the roads are wet and risks the rate of accident more due to friction.while driving on Ghats sessions one must be very careful and open the head lights so that he is visible on other side driver,seasons changes in India at different states,so one must be well known of changes and make his skills to drive comfortable.



Car with high power and turbo in segments like sports utility vehicle(SUV),sedan,and hatchbacks,its is an individuals choice in which he feels the trills for racing, the technology of SUV cars is more powerful and with a great control while compared with any other segments of cars.The SUV cars gives the thrill while Driving,the cars with aerodynamic shape runs more faster than the other shapes of SUV’s,brands like Audi,BMW,Mercedes

Tips for car racing,Toyota have a lots of cars with SUV model and they are so much thrilled while racing.The sedan and hatchback segment cars are less safe while compared with SUV, due to less space in it,but the initial pickup for this cars is high and its depending upon the choice of racer, But on racing track sedan cars gives so much thrill while driving ,it can drift very good when compared with any other SUV cars and the risk of getting over- turned is very low.Every new car is improved with a new technology of fast turbos and increase in powers,its is mostly preferred to race with new cars and before starting the race make sure it is safely driven without and risk of accident.



While racing the car one must be a good professional driver in with very good skills of driving and must know the traffic rules and regulations,Before starting the race he must check the vehicle condition.on highways the overtaking may be very dangerous,so before overtaking one must know the other side of roads,try to avoid overtaking on junctions,while coming across the ghats sessions try to slow the speed of vehicle and check the break regularly while going down.

The small highways in which road dividers are not available overtake the vehicles very safe,because the other end of the road driver is coming towards with a maximum speed,this may increase the risk of accidents.when you come across the tunnels try to on your headlights so that you are visible for other end driver.Try to maintain the constant speed of vehicle so that it can be safe and gives us the feel for driving.

Avoid overtaking from left side,the reason there is very less space on left side of road and it is very dangerous to overtake.when you come across the small villages try to lower your speed and check the sign boards of speed breakers, crossings, school zones,hospitals,If you’re driving on an unfamiliar highway, increase your margin for error by driving slower than you normally.Don’t over speed the vehicle and be in a hurry for driving make sure that you are confident and feel comfort before driving any car.


  • Avoid mobile phone speaking while driving.
  • Avoid listening to loud music
  • Don’t horn at hospital zones.
  • On signals wait for our own turn.
  • Before overtaking make sure to see the side mirrors while overtaking.
  • Do not forget to wear sear belts, and avoid over passengers rather than space provided.
  • Do not over speed the vehicle.
  • Check the sign boards while driving.
  • If you are sleepy,don’t drive ,instead take a nap before you start.


Tips for car racing

A safe race can make our life safe and help to live long with a happy family,the speed thrills but over speeding kills,try to avoid the risk of precious life of you and others.

The following above tips may be helpful for safety race,Drive safe and stay happy.

Manzoor Ahmed

Manzoor is an upcoming professional blogger.

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