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Manzoor Ahmed July 18, 2017


The fluctuations in blood sugar levels leads to diabetes,diabetes is a most common disease now a days,diabetes is caused due to the changes in blood glucose levels, the main reason for diabetes occurred is stress,over eating,sudden weight loss,these habits may leads to diabetes it is said every third person is suffered with this disease,the fluctuations in blood glucose levels causes heart attack, kidney failure,blindness in eyes,damages brain nerves etc.In India there are lots of people suffering with diabetes almost 80% percent of people are with this disease,this disease is independent of age,there are lot of children,adults present who is suffering from this¬†disease. In this disease the body of a person stop producing the insulin due to damage of pancreas , pancreas are present in abdomen of human they produces the insulin which helps us to digest the food and don’t let the blood sugar level increase,increase of blood sugar levels effects the body parts.I would like to share the few tips in which blood sugar levels can be controlled.there are two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2.both the types of diseases cannot be cured permanently instead try to get controlled with medicine, exercise, healthy mustn’t panic of diabetes or take stress for getting controlled of it, just follow this simple tips which can help for control of high blood sugar levels.



Regular exercise can helps to monitor the blood glucose levels,one can say his diabetes is controlled when his/her blood glucose level is less than 100 mgdl as fasting and post lunch less than 140 mgdl,is known as controlled diabetes.the regular exercise like walking,yoga,jogging or involving in any kind of sports like playing tennis,bat maintain(shuttle),foot ball,are the best way to keep controlled of diabetes or monitor the blood glucose level,the best exercise is to start walking every day, early morning walks for 3 to 4 kilometers helps one to control the blood sugar levels ,walking helps one to get reduce his high blood sugar levels as the sweat comes out of the body and blood sugar level is reduce.regular walking helps every one in getting proper sleep, feel relaxed, and our body will be active for whole day long ,due to walking the toxins of body removed through the sweat and helps us to stay fit and doesn’t let any unwanted fat to stay in our body.there are many exercises which can help in monitoring control in diabetes yoga and meditation these are also very much helpful for control of high blood sugar.


After diagnosis of diabetes one must get in regular check up and use proper medicines for maintaining his good health,increase in blood sugar levels damages our health and damages our kidneys, increase the risk of heart attack,brain damage. people with diabetes faces lots of problems like frequent urination,feeling lazy and improper hunger,blindness,burning of feet. these are the symptoms of high blood sugar level.proper medication like regular diagnosis,changing of tablets,if the patient is insulin dependent he/she must monitor his blood glucose level by regular check up and change his insulin dose as according.sudden decrease in blood glucose level leads the patient to be undergo coma. so the regular check up proper dosage of medicines is compulsory , visit the doctor for every month so that it helps us to maintain good health and have proper dosage of medicines. there are few medicines also available in Ayurveda,herbal,homeopathy. this medicines are also have a good effect on control of blood sugar levels, but the treatment for this medicines is slow and it is said to be a good treatment for control of diabetes the reason it is slow process but very effective.the person with diabetes must taken a proper care for his health by maintaining his good medication,proper exercise,healthy diet.


Diet is very much important for maintaining blood glucose levels,one should avoid the heavy intake of glucose,carbohydrates,instead use high fiber and protein diet. use of wheat and grains must be more which helps blood sugar level in controlled.the best thing for diabetes patient is he/she can use natural sweeteners like honey,Jaggery,instead of sugar and any other glucose items.avoid use the intake of glucose,if the glucose is high then blood sugar gets increase and damage our body parts,use the high fiber and protein rich diet which must be includes the natural sweeteners.avoid eating street food and sweets made with sugar, use sugar free sweets and eat rich foods with high energy and include the vegetables like fenugreek leafs,bittergaurd,green leafs veggies.these helps us to control of high blood sugar.cumin seeds are one more good things which help us to monitor our blood glucose level the intake of this seeds helps in reduce of high sugar levels.fruits like custard apples,banana,chickoo,mango, must be avoid. instead use kiwi,pine apples,pears,black berries,this food are very effective on reducing the high blood glucose level in body and gives very good health.the known fact of jambul seeds is if the jambul seeds powder is consumed early morning helps to keep control of diabetes, jambul or black berry are the same things which helps us to control the blood glucose levels. one should not get panic of diabetes he must be relaxed and eat healthy regular workout helps him to stay fit for longer.


Stress is the thing which is very much responsible for increase of blood sugar levels,one must be tension free and must be relaxed and must trust the doctor medicines, as all t

he things exists on belief and trust . try to avoid the stressful work and try to rest properly and sleep well,one must be moved out from a place where he/she finds there is a tension,the blood sugar levels are mostly depends upon the stress, if a person is stress free and taken proper medication and healthy diet can come forward of this disease by beating it up.

The government of India is undergoing lots of methods and trying to improve the drug which kills this disease forever, but till now the permanent cure for diabetes is not available ,it is expected for in future for permanent cure of diabetes.this disease is life long disease it can only be controlled by diet,exercise,proper medication.irrespective of age people suffer with this disease it is a very common disease all over the world but in India every day there are lots of people diagnose with high blood sugar.There are lots of research and lots of improvements on drugs are undergoing for getting a permanent cure for this disease,to some extent Ayurveda and homeopathy treatments have came across of it to maintain a good control of diabetes.To stay fit and live long for a diabetic patient is to eat healthy,regular exercise,proper medication and avoid tension.In market there are lot of medicines available for control of high blood sugars but one must have a doctor prescribed medicines for treatment,and control of this disease.If the diabetes is ignored it can badly damage the human body parts and person may die.The major damage of kidneys due to diabetes is more,so the regular checkup and proper medication is mandatory for maintaining a good health.




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