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DigiMaster September 22, 2017

Taxi operator Uber, loses License To Operate In London London, UK: London’s Transport Regulator on Friday stripped Uber of its license to operate from the end of the month of September, affecting over 40,000 drivers in a huge blow to the taxi app. “Uber’s approach and conduct demonstrate a lack of corporate responsibility in relation […]

Arman August 17, 2017

Every human being should lead a healthier life, it not only helps you live longer but you can also perform your day to day tasks more actively and enthusiastically. Getting a leaner and fit body is  everyone’s dream but due to the busyness at work, household tasks and often the laziness prevents you from accomplishing […]

Arman August 10, 2017

Start-ups are the current buzz in the business today. A startup company is basically an entrepreneurial enterprise which is generally a newly emerged firm, rapidly growing business that points to meet a marketplace need by developing a sensible business model around ingenious products, services, process Etc.,This can be possible if the companies are BPO (Business […]

Manzoor Ahmed August 7, 2017

As we know, BPOs and call center employees are the ones that make a city into a metropolitan city. These BPOs and call centers also offer big job openings for young job aspirants. But most of the BPO’s and call centers deals the outsourcing processes of American MNCs, the employees they hire need to be […]

Arman August 6, 2017

Vacationing Though the concept of vacationing is only a couple of centuries old. Earlier, the travelling for recreational purpose is the luxury of only the elite of the society but now even average class can afford a good vacation. Youths especially are encouraging this concept by exploring new places and new cultures of different regions […]

Arman August 4, 2017

As the world is emerging as a global village in terms of advancement in technology. Many youngsters after the completion of their graduation are clueless about ‘what to choose’ as a career. The young generation now is very energetic, innovative, adaptable, passionate and restless. They are so restless that soon after the completion of their […]

Arman August 1, 2017

This rousing field of Cloud Computing quickly changes how businesses is operated in today’s world. Cloud computing gives rapid access to all the shared pools of resources, like: storing, networks, applications, services, or libraries using a utility-based model. The special features of cloud computing model includes: self-service, network access, resource pools, and metered resource usage. […]

Manzoor Ahmed July 31, 2017

Tips for Car Racing – Car racing is the passion of most of the teenagers and youngsters across India,But car racing on Indian roads is quite dangerous compared to other countries.The main reason car racing is dangerous for us is traffic,In India, there is too much traffic mainly consist of two wheeler and other commercial […]

Arman July 31, 2017

Hey readers! All good? Today we’re going to discuss about an issue which can give many vegan bachelors a great sigh of relief, Vegan Recipes. Today’s young generation is quite bold and independent compared to their older counter parts. They love traveling, they love exploring, they love to take risks and they appreciate making stands, […]

Arman July 28, 2017

Online shopping or we can say E-Commerce is about the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data over an electronic network (primarily the internet). These transactions can be done either as trading to trading, trading to customer, customer to customer or customer to trading. The terms E-Commerce and […]