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Arman August 10, 2017

Start-ups are the current buzz in the business today. A startup company is basically an entrepreneurial enterprise which is generally a newly emerged firm, rapidly growing business that points to meet a marketplace need by developing a sensible business model around ingenious products, services, process Etc.,This can be possible if the companies are BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Call Centers, Travels Offices Etc.,

A new start up requires a lot of investment in the form of arranging a suitable office building, arranging tables, cabins, chairs, Air condition,arranging work force, providing pick and drop services to them, cafeteria. But do you think all these things are necessary? I personally believe in working smart rather than working hard. I came up with an idea of designing an app through which the work is done virtually without the need of any physicality.

What is the best place you think you will be comfortable? Obviously your home! Everyone now-a-days has a smartphone (with access to 4G internet) and a laptop. According to my idea employees, reporting managers, team leaders, bosses everybody will work from their homes. It can result in maximum productivity, better focus and less deprivation.


A website need to be designed which the employees can access after entering their username and password. Through the front camera of his laptop the HR manager and his reporting manager can check his actions. All the team member are provided with a real-time chatting system through which they can text, send attachments, call and share the data. Any kind of doubts will be asked to your managers or fellow colleagues via this real-time chatting system. There will be bio-metric thumb imprinting attendance system in the company’s app on your smartphone which you have to undergo twice in a day, one for your login attendance and the other for the logout of the day. When you’re on duty If you’ve been away for more than 4 minutes the laptop goes on a sleep mode which immediately pops the report to your HR manager and your reporting manager. All the work you have done can be automatically gets saved after 5 seconds in the company’s storage server so, in case of power cuts you can resume your work after getting it from the storage server. Interviews and training can be given with the help of apps like skype and team viewer.

PROs and CONs:

Like every other thing in this universe this idea also has its set of pros and cons which we will check one by one


  1. As I mentioned earlier, you can save up to millions in infrastructure, security, electricity expenses, peons, transportation etc.,
  2. Productivity is likely to get increased as a person who takes a leave for whole day for his personal work which just takes 2 – 3 hours can resume his duties after finishing it.
  3. Women can draw huge benefit from this. First and most is their safety and even the women from conservative families can work,
  4. Women can work even when they are dealing with any issues in which they like to stay in their houses
  5. Zero distraction
  6. Physically handicapped people can also work
  7. Companies saving lakhs on infrastructure can provide their employees with attractive salaries.
  8. You won’t wish to spent more time in rush-hour traffic. Actually, more than two-thirds of workers would like to change their jobs just to free themselves from the burden of their commutes.
  9. Even if you are on holiday or out of station you can still work for few hours each day after taking the permission from your higher authority
  10. When you are working from home, office politics are a thing of the good old stories. You don’t have to deal with people who interrupts you or asking you to do things you don’t want to or getting dragged into some really unnecessary arguments
  11. And the most important of them all, you can spend your time with your family.


  1.  Probably the most mattered change is how working from home have an impact on your family life. You are around more, you are more available and people around you will take that thing for granted.
  2. Your family members ask you for help with things in the house (when you’re supposed to be working).
  3. You have to take more responsibilities for looking after the children.
  4. Commute time will become family time.
  5. Your kids may annoy you sometimes.
  6. You will become very less social as your are dealing with isolation which sometimes leads to depression
  7. Lunchtimes becomes boring
  8. You will feel over worked
  9. You build zero workplace relationship with fellow colleagues.
  10. You become less competitive
  11. You don’t get paid the PTO, sick-days or health insurance



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