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DigiMaster December 21, 2017

Who is is the highest paid bollywood actor currently? Is it Salman Khan the heart throb of Indian Cinema? or is it the versatile Mr. Perfect, Aamir khan? Or is it the famous King Khan, Shahrukh khan or could it be some one else in the industry who has has been delivering best hits? Do you have any guess? It is really difficult to ascertain who stands first.

However, from some of our internet sources, we could estimate or guestimate the leading actor in terms of highest pay per film. Let’s review these actors and conclude on our list of highest paid actors.

  1. Salman Khan :

    1. The most eligible bachelor who rules millions of hearts in india and abroad is certainly leading the group with being highest paid bollywood actor.
    2. Salman khan charges somewhere around INR 55-60 Crores per film. Ofcourse, he gets the producers a lot of money as most of his fans watch  the movie irrespective of any ratings.
    3. Salman khan is a role model for every teenager in india.
  2. Aamir Khan

    1. Mr.Perfectionist is the one who releases films with some meat in it.
    2. It is Aamir Khan for whom people like me wait every year anticipating what kind of message he wants to pass on.
    3. He is one who doesn’t run after awards and yet delivers award winning performances each and every time.
    4. Aamir Khan charges somewhere around INR 50 Crores per film.
  3. Shahrukh Khan

    1. King Khan, as the name suggests, rules the hearts of all the love birds around in the country.
    2. Shahrukh Khan is the master of love films in bollywood. His amazing acting makes you fall in love with him again and again.
    3. This charismatic actor earns some where around 45-50 crores per film
  4. Akshay Kumar

    1. After the top 3 positions bagged by the 3 khans of the bollywood industry, comes Rajeev Bhatia, aka our lovely Akhshay Kumar.
    2. After successful hits after hits, akshay kumar has made a mark in the hearts of the indian cinema lovers.
    3. Akshay charges somewhere around INR 40 crores per film.
  5. Hrithik Roshan

    1. Indian Cinemas most glamorous actor, Hrithik Roshan stands in the 5th position in terms of highest paid Bollywood male actors.
    2. Hrithik delivered Krish series successfully which helped him to be a highly paid actor around
    3. Hrithik with his superb dance moves can charge you somewhere around INR 35 – 40 Crores per film.




Disclaimer: Source of the income report is subject to validity. Data sourced from internet.



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