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Arman August 17, 2017

Every human being should lead a healthier life, it not only helps you live longer but you can also perform your day to day tasks more actively and enthusiastically. Getting a leaner and fit body is  everyone’s dream but due to the busyness at work, household tasks and often the laziness prevents you from accomplishing your wish to get leaner and fit. But this 80 days workout routine helps you to get into that leaner and fit shape which you always desired.

This routine is designed in a way that you will get 100% results if you strictly follows it. It consists of workouts twice in a day, Super strict diet and a little bit usage of supplements.

First of all consult your physician and tell him to prescribe some good quality fat burners or fat destroyers and also a supplement which gives you lean muscle mass and also ask him about the directions to use.

Secondary, your diet should be consist of only oat meal as it is high in fiber and low in cholesterol you can make it either sweet (with jaggery or honey) or spicy.

Get up early in the morning at 06;00 AM and jog for 45 minutes or walk fast for about 90 minutes. You will come home maximum by 08;30 AM and have enough time to get ready for your office, college or anywhere you are scheduled to go. Now the second session for the day starts at 06;00 or 06;30 PM. Go to the gym and start workout with no cardio. Your workout regime consists of 6 days exercise which will be repeated. Day 1 should be for legs, Day 2  for chest, Day 3 for back, Day 4 for shoulders, Day 5 for arms and (the most important of them all) Day 6 for rest,

You may be not familiar with the names of these exercises so search the exercise’s name on youtube and you will get the videos of best trainers executing those exercises. Best of luck with your 80 days leaner and fit challenge pals.



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