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DigiMaster November 2, 2017

Is it possible for some one who is below the poverty line to come out of that? Or does that person has to continue his/her life for the lifetime? Is there any way that a person who is living below the poverty line can grow in life? What is it needed for to overcome the issue of poverty?

I strongly believe that poverty is a challenge in India. However, i do not believe that one cannot get out of that. It might not be an easy task but it is also not an impossible task. One should need dedication, determination and self-belief.

There are many examples of people going from rags to riches. If we closely observe their lives, we will deduce that those were the people who believed in themselves. Those were the people who wanted to change their destiny. First thing to do is to believe in oneself. If you believe in yourself, then all the challenges in front of you can be easily handled. Small Business under Rs 500 Indian Economy

Without spending much time on these rosy thoughts, lets see how can people overcome their poverty. Not just below the poverty line folks but also lower middle class can look at these alternatives to grow their standards of living.

  1. Selling Vegetables: Sales is something which will never allow you to sleep hungry if you are good at it. Why i am suggesting to sell vegetables is that it involves less capital and is faster to sell. Having said that, why should the people buy from you? Are there not enough vegetable sellers in the market? Well, for this, I recommend that you create your own USP (Unique Selling Point).  I can list few below
    1. Sell clean vegetables
    2. Sell clean cut vegetables in nice transparent packing
    3. Sell the vegetables door-to-door (usually the hawkers do not assort the vegetables, you do it)
    4. Sell more for less to create your own loyal customers
    5. Be humble when you sell and always give a little more. this helps you to create loyalty.
  2. Door step car washing: Those who have cars usually end up having little time. take this opportunity and create your business. do a door to door car cleaning activity. Here, make sure you are doing a good job. Again be humble and on time.
  3. Repairs: Learn on how to repair basic small electrical, plumbing, etc kind of jobs. Be mobile. Create a pamphlet or visiting cards and drop them across in nearby colonies. Do not charge exorbitant amounts, charge less for your services and be committed and disciplined. Always be in a presentable state to your clients, meaning, take care of your dressings and prefer to be a professional. Clients appreciate people who are nicely dressed, hair cut, professional looking service providers.
  4. Car Driving: Learn the art of car driving and get yourself a commercial driving license. At the time of writing this article, there is a huge demand of professional drivers due to the market created by Uber and OLA.
  5. Road side eatery: If you are good cook or know someone in family who can create delicious food, then start a roadside eatery. Try with some quantity in a busy area and then based on the demand, increase the supply. this business helps you a lot to make fast money.

I have listed few things which came to my mind currently and i would be updating the same in future as i come across some other better ideas of making money to get out of poverty line.



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