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Arman July 25, 2017

Sleep is the most important activity the living organisms have adopted since the beginning of life.Not only humans but animals,birds and aquatic animals also depends on a good sleep.It is very important because the sleep refreshes the brain and rejuvenates body to perform its daily functions properly.

Researchers has said that in the last 50 years ,sleep has dropped from 8.5 hours to merely less than 7 hours.Young children averaging less than 7 hours of sleep are likely prone to failure in school and in some cases also makes them hyperactive and leads to a diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Poor sleep is directly associated with stress and anxiety in teens and young adults.It is also said that 40% of all adults in North America are sleep deprived.This sleep deprivation adds up to eleven days of lost productivity per year per worker.Inadequate sleep greatly reduces cognitive performance which is also effecting the productivity.Lack of Sleep results in an increased risk of cardiac problems,stroke,diabetes,hypertension,obesity etc.

Many people now a days are dealing with an issue called as Insomnia or we can say Sleeplessness. Health conditions that can result in insomnia include psychological stress, menopause in women,chronic pain, cardiac arrests, hypothyroidism, heartburn, restless leg syndrome etc.Not only common people but celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Enrique Eglesias, Marshal Matthers (EMINEM), Thomas Edison, George Clooney are among others who has dealt with Insomnia Or Sleeplessness.

Here I show you some of the few tips which I think can help someone get a relaxing sleep in less time.This article will help people who frequently travels and those who works in night shifts

1.Make your room dark: By making your room dark by shutting off the lights and covering the windows with curtains so that the light should not come in. This trick is helpful as you can see nothing so nothing will distract you. It makes the atmosphere same as we close our eyes. This makes you to  experience early as well as a more relaxed sleep.

2.Make your room chilled:  Before going to bed turn on the Air-Conditioner and put it on the minimum temperature and use a Rug, this makes the outer atmosphere chilled and inner atmosphere warm resulting in the best sleep with comfort. It gives the most beautiful sleeping experience for the person who is dealing with sleeplessness.

3.Listen to some calm and soothing music: Work load, Stress and Restlessness creates a havoc inside a person’s head. Even if he implements the above two tips by Making his room dark and by making his room chilled and fails to get his relax and comfort sleep this third tip will definitely works, just open your smartphone, put on the headphones and Search “Soothing music for sleep”. It will play the finest and the most relaxing melodies which ultimately makes the person to fall asleep (This one is my personal favorite).

4.Make sure your Mattress is fine: Yes..A fine mattress! Make sure your mattress is even and free from any kind of lumps. Also keep in mind that the mattress is very soft,clean and free from odor. As it is said “A mattress decides whether you’re going to get a sweet dream or a nightmare”.

5.Keep your Bedroom Clean and Tidy: The two third of health is Hygiene.Not only your bedroom but your whole surrounding should be hygienic as hygiene plays a very prominent role in our health and well-being. So. make a habit to clean your bed daily and make your room free from any kind of foul smells. There is a saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

6.Physical Activity Or Exercise: Let us consider our body to a motor car. After a long journey, a car needs fuel to go further and the engine needs oil to keep the car running without any disruption. Likewise after Exercise or Physical Activity our body needs Food in place of Fuel and Sleep in place of Oil. So, after a busy gym session our body needs relaxation in the form of both food and sleep. If you’re dealing with sleeping issues indulge yourself in any kind of physical activity. There is a saying “You don’t always love the workouts, but you will love the results”.

7.Healthy Eating Habit: One should habituate healthy eating to live a healthy lifestyle. Complete your food at least three hours prior to sleeping. Indigestion often makes a person unable to sleep. So, keep your hands away from all those burgers, fries and kebabs at night time because physical activities helps the food to digest and this digestion process looses its pace when we sleep resulting in indigestion of food and other gastric problems. Eat green leafy vegetables and salads at night and avoid all aerated or carbonated drinks. There is a saying “Eat your breakfast like a king, your lunch like a middle-class man and your dinner like a beggar”.

*Few Strict No Nos*

1.Never indulge in any kind of illegal activities in search of better sleep. Illegal activities like taking Drugs,Smoking marijuana or Drinking Liquor. They may look cool in the beginning but after some time you’ll get addicted to it, without which you cannot spend a single day. Intake of such harmful material can land you either in Jail or in Hospital or both.

2.There are many medicines and injections which are easily available in medical stores which are meant for patients with serious sleeping disorders. If you’re getting them without the prescription of doctor or a para-medic then it can harm your health in multiple ways.

So, the above mentioned are some of the ways to get a better sleep in less time without indulging yourself in any kind of health as well as legal trouble. I hope you will try to follow these tips of mine and get a beautiful sleep which you are seeking all these days. Remember a Sleep is a golden chain which binds the health and our bodies together.

Even after implementing all these tips and tricks in your lifestyle, if you still lack a good sleep then consult your physician as early as possible.


Arman is a professional blogger who writes about his passion in a user friendly way. He believes in writing blogs like a story and connecting with people.

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