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Manzoor Ahmed August 7, 2017

As we know, BPOs and call center employees are the ones that make a city into a metropolitan city. These BPOs and call centers also offer big job openings for young job aspirants. But most of the BPO’s and call centers deals the outsourcing processes of American MNCs, the employees they hire need to be work in night shifts (as there’s difference between the time zones of America and India). Employees often find it difficult to manage their time scheduling due to these night shifts. So, to give these employees a sigh of relief I present to you few tips and tricks so these employees can schedule their time table which leads them to a healthier ,calmer and social lifestyle.


As we know its very difficult to stay fit after getting awake whole night,whole night stress and working in a office makes us tiered,but everyday lack of sleep may cause Insomnia(inability for sleep).Acidity,Heart burn,eyes get small and becomes red,dark circles around the eyes can be seen for the people working in BPO’s.

I would like to share few extremity  by which we can stay fit even while after doing a night shift job,one must follow the few tips for staying fit.concentrate on healthy diet, regular exercise ,try to change the shifts, manage properly with your breakfast and lunch.Improve your mental health.Have a healthy sleep. These points can be helpful for staying fit even after working at night shifts.


Obviously, one of your biggest challenges is sleep. Unlike the rest of the world, you’ll wake when the sun is down and go home when the sun is coming up. It’s distress, but you need to make your sleep schedule feel as accustomed as possible.

The things which apply to you getting a good “day’s” sleep. Put out light off and avoid noise, make your room dark by blackout curtains in your bedroom so you can make it as dark as you can. Avoid getting distract with any things in your room and try to keep your sleeping space as quiet and comfortable as possible. Keep the temperature cool by keeping the Air Condition on, phones should go on silent, calls should go to voicemail, and your family even if they’re home need to understand that you need to sleep for work.

Set your alarm, and avoid snooze when it goes off. As the alarm sounds, get up and open the curtains of windows. Nothing  can wakes you up like day light does, and exposing yourself to it right after getting up will help you shake off the sleepies.  When you’re headed home after work and know you’ll be in bed soon, treat your “evenings,”the way you would if it were after dark. Bound the amount of light you’re exposed to, and cut back on your screen time. Relax and wind down with a sleep routine that will ease you into restful sleep.

Make a time schedule for sleeping more than 7 hours of sleep to avoid being drowsy and less intensive towards the work.




Many people who work late wind up eating terribly. It’s an easy deception to fall into, mostly because the only food available at such late hours is the kind of food that you should probably avoid,fast food, junk food,anything you can get at a driv

e-through or a convenience store that’s open all night. The situation is bad enough that working late can even increase your risk of Diabetes. With a little planning and forethought, it won’t be a problem for you.

First, make sure you pack your own meals. Try to eat the food while is less with oily,less species and high protein. Avoid eating the heavy food that creates a problem in digestion and get u distract from your work,don’t take the caffeine items like coffee,aerated drinks  for keeping you awake, try to drink black tea and chew some gums to avoid getting sleep. In break time in night try to get hangout with some fun making people as laughing reduces feeling of getting sleep. Manage your break fast,lunch and dinner on time. Have a dinner which consists of green salads,beans and mostly try to have a vegetarian dinner so that it helps us to stay fit for working in night shift.





As we know the management of diet and exercise is mandatory to stay fit and work longer in night shifts. If suppose the person is working in a night shift his timing is from 8 pm to 3 am of his work. He can manage his routine in following way. As soon as he reaches the home from his shift he must be getting indulged into sleep and make sure he get a healthy sleep of 7 hours at least. Do not eat the food before the sleeping as the food is undigested and creates a complication in sleeping. Try to do meditation ,yoga,jogging to maintain your good health and increase your mental strength. Physical fitness matters the most while doing the night shift work. Schedule your day with healthy exercise and healthy diet(proteins,carbohydrates).

Before starting for the work finish of your dinner an couple of hours before so that you can complete concentrate towards the tasks of working.start early for sleeping after the completion of work, and don’t get intricate in any kind of Drugs and Drinks for sleeping.


  • Try to early on bed as u finish the work and be punctual for sleep.
  • Avoid getting indulged in Drugs for sleeping.
  • Don’t quit the exercise as it matters of our health. its is said (“A good health is wealth”).
  • Regular diet and time management can keep’s us fit and strong for better performance.


The above extremity may be very useful for the people who are working in night shifts and sleep deprived, following the tips they can manage their job health and stay fit for their daily activities. They can easily handle their sustenance.

Manzoor Ahmed

Manzoor is an upcoming professional blogger.

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